Is the Bible really enough to help people who are experiencing difficulties in life?  

The issue at stake is the Christian interpretation of life. Is the Bible sufficient to interpret behaviors? The answer is yes. The Scripture claims to be a sufficient resource for meeting all the difficulties in life, whether emotional or spiritual.  

The Bible must never be viewed as dependant upon psychology in any part. Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor. Jesus’ counseling is never contingent in any way upon the “findings” of ancient or modern psychology. The church has never been at a loss on how to counsel its members.  

So, The Living Stone Church has partnered with highly trained and skilled, insightful, Godly Biblical Counselors.  Please speak with the pastor, elders, or deacons if you would like more information about these services and how The Living Stone can assist in the cost if needed.  We want to make sure that sound and insightful biblical counseling is available to our members regardless of cost.  

Read through the Bible in 2018.  Click here for more information or a printable calendar.