Children's Ministry

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First Step Nursery (Birth-Age 3)

If you would like to spend time with other adults and know that your child is in trusted hands, our nursery is available in a room right off the main worship center. Feel free to check out our facilities and meet our compassionate and caring members who love to care for children.  

God's Gang (Age 3 - Kindergarten)

When children reach this age, we love to share God’s Word with them in a variety of age-appropriate ways. Once you’ve introduced your child to these opportunities, you’ll regularly take home samples of the things they’ve proudly made and colored. With games, toys, age-appropriate designed classrooms, skilled teachers, and other children to interact with, your child will find their church experience joyful.  

Sunday School 

Sunday School 

F.R.O.G.S. - Fully Relying on God's Scriptures! (Grades 1-5)

These children bless the rooms and worship center of The Living Stone! Jesus was famous for his love of and words about little children. We believe that His model of love and patience with children is not only a model we must follow but evidence of the Spirit within each of us.  

Junior Church (Nursery Age thru Grade 2)

Junior Church is available each Sunday during the time of worship.  The mission of the program is to share the knowledge of Jesus Christ to young people through Bible reading, lesson study, music, crafts and much more.  We start at 10am every Sunday-all are encouraged to come!  

Junior Church 

The Sunday School curriculum we use introduces children to God, His Son, His Word, and His Church through active participation in Bible stories and Bible study, multisensory learning, Bible skill-building activities, and focused life application. Children of all ages discover God's love and interact with the Bible in a way that helps them connect to God, Jesus, the church, family, and others.  

We fill the children’s time with things that fill their minds and hearts with the love of God and His Word, the joy of Jesus, and the blessings of the Spirit of the Living God.   What a privilege this is!

Children's Ministry

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