Moses Thomas

Moses, Brenda and Abby Thomas in Zimbabwe

On behalf of Moses and Brenda we send our best wishes for a happy, healthy and blessed new year to you all in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ.

2012 was a year of ups and downs for them.  Moses lost one of his brothers and Brenda lost an uncle.  They also lost several others that were close friends.  However the greatest blessing of the year was the birth of Abigail Anna Thomas (Abby) who was born July 21st.  She has been a wonderful blessing and a challenge to the new parents. 

In ministry things have changed as well.  Moses is now working on his own reaching out to pastors and churches by providing training in leadership and worship. He has also been called upon to teach classes on how to become a Christian with many people coming to the Lord thru these classes.  In addition, he had many invitations to come and preach for churches in the area that have resulted in many coming to Christ and Moses being invited back to do leadership training. 

Brenda has been growing in the Lord as well and has been helping Moses when they are doing praise and worship seminars in some of the churches.  It is exciting to see her growing and beginning to take on some leadership responsibilities.

The chicken project continues to enable Moses’ mother Mavis to provide for the family in both food and income.  There are always ongoing challenges in the chicken business, but they are doing a great job of learning some things about business.  Thanks to those who have helped to make it possible.  Your prayers and continued support are vital to its success.

Moses has several other pastors that he works closely with.  He and Pastor Thomas go almost weekly to the hospital to pray with patients and often have the opportunity to have a preaching service.  They have had many accept Christ during their visits to the hospital including some of the staff.  The patients have appreciated the prayers and some have even claimed to be healed.  It seems that wherever Moses goes, God finds powerful ways to use him for the Kingdom.

Moses also continues to work with his friend Stanley, ministering to the young boys of Mufakose thru soccer.  Stanley is a former national soccer player who is teaching the boys how to play soccer.  Both Stanley and Moses also work with the boys to encourage them to stay in school and also teach them about Jesus and what He can do in their lives.  They provide some food for the boys when the funds allow it. The boys are being blessed by getting the opportunity to go to better schools than they would have otherwise, as a result of their improved soccer skills and better education.  They are also becoming men of God.

2013 is a time to look forward to what the Lord will do in their lives.  They have had many invitations to go and preach and teach that they had to turn down due to lack of funds for travel including some in Mozambique and Malawi.  It is their prayer that God will provide the funds for travel so that they will be able to accept these invitations. 

Moses is working with Pastors Bernard and Samson to begin a ministry of starting new churches in the rural areas.  They see Moses as the main man in doing that work.  They are planning on developing a pig raising project to help pay for the new church work.  Their vision is great, but their resources are very limited. 

Zimbabwe continues to suffer from severe poverty, unemployment, and illness.  The country’s infrastructure has not been maintained since 1980.  Moses and Brenda are frequently without power and other resources that we take for granted.  Your prayers and support help them to fulfill their mission to take CHRIST to the people of Zimbabwe and the surrounding countries.

Moses Walking     Moses with Musana Leaders

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